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Top 5 Helpful Backyard Chicken Products & Supplies

Updated: Jan 16

Time to share what I've learned!

It's been 3 years on this chicken journey. I've definitely made a lot of mistakes and learned some hard lessons. In order to help the next batch of chicken tenders, I'm making a list of my must have products and why I love them.

Whether it's a health and safety item or a time saver for me, each of these are my personal suggestions. Luckily, you can find these all on Amazon. Links provided for quick ordering.

#1 - Food & Water Containers

It's kind of a no brainer that your chickens need access to food and water. I tried at least 3 or 4 different styles of equipment and have settled on the RentACoop waterer and feeder. The ability to wall mount on either wood or hardware cloth is very handy. I've noticed the waterer stays cleaner longer and does not get algae buildup. I use the chicken nipples instead of the cup, but it comes with both styles depending on what you prefer. Chickens can be very messy eaters. This feeder keeps them from splashing the feed everywhere. I have 16 chickens so I have 3 feeders and 3 waters in different sizes so there's plenty of access for everyone.

#2 - Food Storage

I now have a love hate relationship with rats. Chickens attract rodents. These scavengers will find their way into the tiny nooks and crannies and have no problems with leaving their poop behind to let you know they have been around.

The Vault food container (although marketed towards dog & cat food) has been really great. I like the angled neck for ease of scooping. And they are stackable! So you can get multiple ones for different feeds, snacks or supplements. I have the 40 lb that fits my feed bags perfectly. I have it on a shelf so I don't have to bend over and a surface to put the feeders on while filling them up. Trying to keep my back in shape as long as I can!

#3 - Feed

You are what you feed! I (and the chickens) really love the Scratch & Peck whole grain feed. It smells good and they definitely prefer it over the pellets. I sometimes ferment it for a change in texture and to help with digestion. You also need to provide a calcium supplement on the side. You don't mix it in. They will take as their body needs it. So cool. And of course, snacks! Just like we need to limit the amount potato chips we eat, meal worms and grubs are good for chickens in small amounts. A couple handfuls a day is enough to keep them happy. You'll soon find them following you around hoping for more.

#4 - Nesting Pads

There's actually a couple styles I've tried and liked. The Eaton Pet & Pasture are a great natural option that stays in place and are easily replaceable. However, I like the turf style that I can clean and reuse. I have a couple extra that I can swap out right away and then clean the poopy ones for backup. I even made a few from leftover scraps from our front yard turf project. I haven't noticed that the ladies care what they are sitting on as

long as it is clean and they can be in the favorite nesting box. I also sprinkle herbs when I do my monthly clean out and bug maintenance. You can grow your own in the garden, like oregano, mint, marigolds and lavender.

#5 - Automatic Coop Door

I have been through 4 of these and really like the Audio Lab solar option. It's been reliable and consistent for several months now. My complaint with some of the others was the difficulty in changing the batteries. You practically had to uninstall it! I was able to mount the solar panel on the coop, up and out of the way. Game changer!

I also use the 48"h fencing around their coops to give them more wandering room without risking their safety. Their fenced area has netting and umbrella coverage from aerial predators and keeps them from pooping on our outdoor furniture. The young ones can easily fly over it, but my mature ladies don't bother. I clipped their flight feathers and so far, they have been staying in place.

I am continuing to learn. So if you have an idea for something that's great, drop it in the comments.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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