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5 Clothing Items I Love for Backyard Chicken Keeping!

Comfort & Style! When I am in the backyard doing my chicken chores or gardening, there are a few things I simply can't live with out. Sure, no one sees me except the dogs and the chicks, but I still want to wear things that bring me joy, while also making my jobs easier. Not everything on the list is specific to chicken keeping. I think anyone who is gardening, mowing the grass or even just enjoying a day outside will appreciate these finds. What do you love to wear in your yard?

#1: Sloggers

These shoes are the footwear for farming and gardening. Sloggers have a soft interior, but the best part is the exterior. You can hose these bad boys down when you step in poop, mud or mystery muck. They are actually very comfortable. I have a pair that are just for the chicken area and a second one for gardening. If its raining and muddy where you are, they have a boot version too! They have lots of patterns to chose from. Express your personality in the yard!

#2: Leggings - With Pockets!

Can we just make pockets standard in all pants? Where else will I put my phone, scissors, eggs (when I forget a basket) and other yard tools?

These fleece lined leggings are great for cold morning feedings. And they come in lots of colors!

#3: Hat

We can't pretend the sun doesn't cause skin damage anymore. Not only will a big floppy hat protect your face, it's also pretty darn cute. I have one hanging in my greenhouse so I don't forget to use it when I am gardening. Find you inner JLo and get a hat! If you prefer a ball cap, I do have a suggestion for one here.

#4: Sweater

Did I mention I love pockets? With the weather currently very cold, this cozy sweater with pockets is a daily essential. An extra layer that can be removed when the midday sun warms up temperatures. Easy to wash with no special drying needs. So many colors to chose from!

#5: City Chicken Life Shirt

You know I'm going to sport my own designs! I get the most compliments on the coffee & chickens t-shirts, but I love them all!

Chicken t-shirt
Coffee & Chickens t-shirt
Mother Flocker chicken tank top

What's your favorite backyard outfit?

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