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How To Make an Easy Chicken Coop Sign

I'm terrified of cutting my fingers off. Therefore, we do not own a table saw. Here's how to make a cute, customized sign for you coop while hardly lifting (or cutting off) a finger.


Tools & Supplies

(1) 1" x 5.5" board at 24" - For your coop name!

(1) 1" x 3.5" board at 18" - 20" per chicken in your flock (length depends on how crazy you got with your names)

Rope 26 - 30" length

White Paint (outdoor or spray paint)

Black Paint

2" bristle paint brush

Sponge brush

Stencils (If you have crappy handwriting like me)

Step 1 - Swallow your pride and have the guy or gal at the local hardware store pre cut the boards for you. They know me real well at our DIY here in town. (Refer to Chicken Coop blog/video to see the most trips to the hardware store for one project.

Step 2 - Paint the boards white. I prefer a hand painted look because I like the subtle, imperfect streaks. Spray paint will give it a more even finish. You can also take sand paper after it drys and rough up the edges for a shabby chic look. Is that still cool?

Step 3 - Get a super rad sister like me with a Cricut machine to design and cut you out the name stencils. Freehand it if you got the skills. I do not. You can also get stencils at Michael's. They have a variety but they won't perfectly match the amazing logo she made you. She's fast, cheap and has a better eye for this than you do. Trust me.

Step 4 - Use the sponge brush to paint the names on the signs. You can also add some adorable animal stencils. Again, get a rad sister help with that.

Step 5 - After letting everything dry, screw the screw eyes to the top of the coop name sign. Loop the rope through and tie knots in the ends. Makes sure you get a screw eye just slightly bigger than your rope.

Step 6 - Screw 2 hooks in the bottom and top of each sign (except the last one). Turn the ones on the bottom front to back and then ones on the tops side to side.

Step 7 - Hang the sign from your coop and hook each sign to hang below. Done!

Easy, you kept all your fingers and whenever you have a chicken die (this does happen and it will happen to you), you can remove the sign easily or flip it over and add the name of your new one. Come on, we know you are getting a new one. Or two. Or six. (Chicken Math)

Get more detail from our video:

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